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Good News Friday: April 29 ‘ 22

Dear Patriots, Some good, encouraging and interesting news to send you into the weekend. 1- This bit of good news was a surprise! PJMEDIA  New York's Brazenly Gerrymandered Congressional Map Tossed by State's Highest Court QUOTE: New York Democrats tried to destroy...

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Democrats Can Not Win Unless They Cheat

Dear Patriots, The Democrats have yet another way to cheat in elections. Let's be clear, unless the Democrats cheat, they can not win elections. And they have endless ways to cheat. 1- They think up new ways every day. TOWNHALL  Inside the Left's $80 Million Dark...

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DTR PRESS RELEASE : Update: Bongiovanni v Austin

UPDATE:  Bongiovanni v. Austin Late Friday, Defending the Republic filed its supplemental briefing in Bongiovanni v. Austin.... ... pushing back against the efforts by the Biden Department of Defense to deprive a group of military service members the opportunity the...

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The Great Suppression

Dear Patriots, In a recent podcast, Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, fittingly characterized our current time as "The Great Suppression". This is a time when Big Tech platforms are suppressing speech they deem to be in the wrong. Many of us have been...

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